China’s first self-manufactured icebreaker was put on the market

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China’s first self-manufactured ice-breaker, which is already joining this year, will join three Chinese ships conducting Arctic research, said China Daily, China’s Thursday party.

The Xuelong 2 (Hósárkány 2) ship, which was designed by a Finnish company Aker Arctic, was launched in 2016 in Shanghai and released in September last year.
Captain Chen Jen-ping said: The icebreaker is that there are ship screws in the bow and yard, which makes Xuelong 2 the first ship in the world to break ice in forward and reverse. The 122.5-meter-long, 22.3-meter-wide, nearly 14,000-tonne water-displacement boat has a maximum speed of 15 knots, with a speed of 2-3 knots in 1.5 meters thick for forward and reverse rocking.
The ship, capable of carrying 4500 tons of cargo, will be used to explore the Arctic ice sheets, atmospheric and environmental conditions, as well as the seabed and fishing resources.
China has so far been an ice-breaker, Xuelong, which was bought from Ukraine in the early nineties. The ship was originally designed for freight transport and not for research, but was transformed into a polar boat in China. Since 1994, the ship has completed 22 expeditions in the South and nine in the North Pole.
China has been researching the South Pole since 1984, and has been increasing its activity in recent years. At the moment, the country has four research stations in Antarctica, the last five years ago.

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