French Grand Prix – Hamilton’s start-up victory

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The five-time world champion and champion Lewis Hamilton, the British British driver of the Mercedes, won the Sunday Formula 1 French Grand Prix, adding to the complex point race.

The 34-year-old runner-up of this year’s sixth, and 79th, race, will lead to 36 points in the team ahead of his Finnish teammate Valtteri Bottas.
Bottas finished second in France, and third was Charles Leclerc, Ferrari’s pilot in Monaco.
At the start, the field came without a problem, Hamilton started off well and held the lead, behind Bottas, Leclerc at the end of the first round was the order of the runners in the podium.
Leclerc started the round of racing in the 22nd round, and then Bottas and Hamilton also got fresh tires in the next two laps. After the standings, the lead did not change, Hamilton drove nearly 12 seconds ahead of Bottas, who was followed by Leclerc with a slightly over three-second delay.
In the second half of the race, there was no need to worry too much about the Mercedes-duo driving ahead: Hamilton’s advantage until the shot was almost unchanged, and Leclerc, though close to Bottas, had no chance of overtaking.
The four-time VB-winner Sebastian Vettel, the Ferrari German driver, was racing in the fifth position, without any opponent putting his position at the same time, but he had no real chance of getting ahead. In the fourth position, Max Verstappen, the Dutch rider of Red Bull, reached the finish line. In the final round, Vettel reached the fastest lap in the race, and was awarded a World Championship.
The World Cup will continue with the Austrian Grand Prix in a week.

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