George R.R. Martin is fed up with the Throne Fans

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George R.R. According to Martin, the Internet has created a poisonous environment for fans compared to earlier states, as evidenced by the Maltin on Movies podcast, where the guest was a writer of Fire and Ice Songs.

Compared to old-fashioned comics and sci-fi enthusiasts, today’s internet fan base is much more toxic, and there have been long-standing debates and disagreements, but they have not approached today’s madness that is experienced everywhere.

Martin was probably thinking of the hysteria that followed the last season of the Thrones. Already one million signatures have been the petition to rewrite and rotate the last season, while several actors, including Kit Harrington and Sophie Turner, have faded due to fanatic reactions. (True, Lena Headey, playing Cersei, was somewhat dissatisfied with the fate of her character.) Meanwhile, Martin continues to slide with the last two volumes of the novel series.

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