Google: Half of the tourism-related searches were launched by mobile users last year

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Half of the tourism-related searches were launched by Hungarians last year, this year it is expected to grow further, so companies with no mobile-friendly website can lose their guests – summed up at the Google Hungary Sector Experts press conference on Wednesday in Budapest.

Barna Bogdán, Google’s industry analyst, pointed out that, based on the Internet search data launched in Hungary, the dynamic growth of interest in tourism products and services continued in 2018, 9 percent higher than a year earlier.
The most important change over the last two years is the rise in mobile travel searches, and in 2019 this rate will continue to rise, said Adam Erdős, Google’s industry leader, adding that tourism businesses without a mobile-friendly website may fall from users.
Barna Bogdán also pointed out that while most of the searches were launched in August 2016, last year was the peak of July for tourist browsing, so people are starting to look earlier. There is the biggest increase in last minute offers among the categories: while in 2016, a small number of searches were launched on this topic, by the summer of 2018 the search volume was several times higher than two years earlier.
The most sought-after destinations abroad were in Italy, Croatia and Austria in 2018, and the cities in Vienna lead to Barcelona and London. In Hungary, Budapest represents a particularly high proportion, followed by Siófok and Hajdúszoboszló on the podium. Searches all year round for Austria, Spain, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom on the Hungarian side.
Ádám Erdős also pointed out that the number of searches related to specific brands, products, and service providers continued to grow, and in 2018 every fifth search was like that. Meanwhile, the search for general words and terms decreases, indicating that users are browsing specifically, “he concluded. For tourism, most of Hungary is looking for Germany, the UK is the second, Italy is the third in the ranking. The most dynamically growing interest is from Spain and France based on Google data. In connection with Hungary, they most often look for sights in Budapest, spas and aquaparks, and sightseeing tours from abroad.
József Szigetvári, managing director of, said that the development of quality tourism and program supply is essential for further growth; Digitization has made it possible to keep in touch with each other, and it has almost eliminated the ‘competitive boundaries’ between countries. The online price comparison pages make the quality immediately comparable, he pointed out. In the long run, growth can only be achieved with a higher-spending target group abroad, “he said.
In his opinion, the introduction of the National Tourist Information Center (NTAK) this year will be a major step without modern tourism without up-to-date data. In this two-three-year lag, Hungary compares to its competitors – he drew down.

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