He turns to the seventh speed to be the fastest man in the world

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Christian Coleman is one of the few sprinters defeating Usain Bolt. The American runner became the fastest man in the world last season, running a world record at 60 meters, and this year his best time is one hundred meters, 9.81 seconds. Coleman is competing for two hundred meters at the Gyulai Memorial in Székesfehérvár. He was interviewed by Index before the race.

Christian Colemant was already mentioned as the rival of Usain Bolt at the 2017 World Championship, and the 21-year-old runner then replaced his promises. In the 100th final, he dropped Bolt, right, both were beaten by Justin Gatlin, so Coleman only became a silver medalist.

Gatlin had already won the Gyula Memorial, and was also a scholarship from the University of Tennessee, like Coleman, who had a childhood hero.

I could pick a lot of role models, many American sprinter wins medals and decided records, formerly I would mention Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson, but I followed Maurice Greent, Tyson Gay or Gatlin.

“Gatlin has been in the sport for a long time, one of the few guys who could keep her body. He is able to exclude any outside effect to concentrate, not being interested in what others say about it. I would like to include them in my career and I always want to compete on a high level, ”said the World Rank Leader. Coleman, too, may be overwhelmed by Gatlin, unlike most sprinters, is more inclined, not very braty with others, and has repeatedly said that there is only competition, no friendship.

This season is a very long season, because the World Championships will be held at the end of September in early October instead of the beginning of August. Qatar made VB so late to avoid heat. However, this step also puts the athletes in a difficult task. The top form is not worth getting too early.

“My coach is doing a very meticulous job. We don’t necessarily want to reach the top in the American pick, but rather be better and better, and I will be ready for the World Cup. I’ll be fast enough on the picker, but then with a new plan I will become even faster on the VB. I started my training a little later, usually in October my preparation for the indoor ski season, until now I was only training in January. We’re doing everything slower to be ready at the right time. ”

His coach often compares Coleman to a Ferrari, on the one hand because of his speed, and on the other hand his runner needs at least as much care and attention as a cool sports car. I asked: if we stay in the car with a similarity, which stage is it?

If we are talking about a seven-speed car, then I’m in the top five, I will be in the US championship at six, and at vb in the seventh, and we will push the nitro button.

Coleman’s main figure is one hundred meters, but he knows about two hundred and twenty seconds, 19.97 this year. You need to improve this even if you apply for vb gold, as your compatriot, Noah Lyles, was just running 19.50. Coleman doesn’t look at the two hundred as a complete extension.

“I am a competitive type and I strive for individual records for each run. I’m aiming for the highest level of sixty, one hundred and two hundred, and I’m looking forward to two hundred, as many as one hundred, to be faster every year. I would be disappointed if I could not keep this development. My preparation was very good this year, I feel good, I am excited about what comes out of this. I do not want to talk about time results, but if I reach the intended goal, it will fill with satisfaction. I try to win every race, this mentality is needed to win the big tournaments. Of course, time does not matter if you run first on the finish line. ”

For nearly a decade, Usain Bolt determined the sprint numbers, and from 2008 to 2017 he was the runner from whom everyone held – and mostly right – jamaica scarcely made three gold and three hundred gold at three vB and three Olympics. In 2017, however, he ran only one bronze.

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