In London, the throne of one of the emirates was found dead

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The 39-year-old Khalid Al Qasimi fashion designer, who was also the throne of the United Arab Emirates Sardzsa, was found dead in his London house on Monday.

The death occurred on July 1st. According to an official announcement by the London police, their patrons went out to call the ambulance on Monday morning at the house in Knightsbridge, where the body was found.

According to the police, the man died in unclear conditions. The case is under investigation.

In the UAE, three days of mourning were announced. The father of the deceased, Sultan of Mohammed Al Qasimi, leader of the Sardzsa emirate, on the farewell son of Instagram. The Sultan had lost his second son. Khalid Al Qasimi’s brother died in 1999 of heroin overdose.

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