Heat – Tropical heat strangles Italy Júlia Sárközy, MTI correspondent:

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Forty-five degrees Celsius heat was detected in Rome on Friday in a panic flooding across Italy, and the Italian authorities have not yet ordered a heat alarm.

This time, the subtropical anti-cyclone strangling Italian boots was called Scipio, an ancient Roman commander conquering the African shores.
He promised on Friday the hottest day of the year, although the heat waves that hit each other this year are coming from April.
The hottest city in Italy is usually the Umbrian Terni, where the thermometer shows forty degrees. This is followed by Florence and Caserta not far from Naples, where the temperature is 38 degrees. The temperature in Rome is only 36 degrees, but because of the high humidity, the feeling is warm to 43 degrees. The Italian capital is full of tourists looking for relief from the heat of the street wells and ice cream parlors.
It is expected that there will be a relaxation on Sunday, but from the end of next week, the canon will return. The Italian authorities have not yet ordered an alert.
The heat was heavily damaged by heavy rains and storms in the Lombardy province of Northwest Italy, while the southern areas of the country are preparing for several months of drought.
According to the tourist office, 6.8 million Italians took their summer holidays in June. The beaches are all open, and the open sea temperature is over 20 degrees Celsius in the Adriatic as well as on the west coast of Italy.

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