Xi Chin-ping: There is no superior civilization

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There is no superior civilization, so transformation or complete substitution of some civilizations leads to catastrophic results – said Chinese President Xin Chin-ping at the opening ceremony of the Conference on Dialogue on Asian Civilizations (CDAC) on Wednesday in Beijing.

The Chinese President stated that culture and civilization are essential to global challenges, not less important than the economy and technology.
Asia has enriched mankind with irreplaceable creations in all areas of culture, and China has, among other things, contributed to innovations such as paper, gunpowder, compass, calendar and Chinese philosophy. He added that Chinese civilization has evolved through a continuous exchange of knowledge with other peoples of the world, and that Beijing will seek to contribute to the further development of civilizations with a more open attitude in the future.
According to the organizers, the conference will focus on the topics of exchange and knowledge exchange between Asian civilizations and the community of the future.
Participants include Prokopisz Pavlopulos Greek Head of State, Cambodian King Norodom Sambamoni, Singapore President Halimah Yacob and Indian Film Star of Amir Khani. In addition to the conference, thematic programs will be organized to promote cultural cooperation between Asian countries.
Keng Suang Foreign Affairs spokesman for the conference said at the beginning of the week that countries in the world should be guided by the principles of equality, exchange of knowledge, dialogue and acceptance between civilizations, while rejecting the misconception of “clash of civilizations” as well as of superior civilizations idea.
He referred to a statement made last month by the US Secretary of State for Policy Planning. As for the American-Chinese relations, Kiron Skinner referred to American political scientist Samuel Huntington’s idea of ​​a “clash of civilizations” that fundamental differences between civilizations are the source of conflict between them. The statement had already sharply opposed the Chinese side, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that examining bilateral relations from this approach was “absurd and totally unacceptable”.
Vang Ji-vej, professor of international affairs at the University of Xinjiang in Beijing, who announced the South China Morning Post Hong Kong newspaper, said that the conference had already been organized last year, but now it is also a good time for China to express its views on the debate on civilizations.
The professor emphasized that the unilateral policy of the Americans has a detrimental effect on the world and within it on the United States allies, so Washington is trying to “confront” civilizations with China in order to place its Western allies with it. He added that China is trying to establish closer cooperation with other countries in Asia through the common values ​​of the current event.

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