Illegal Immigration – The Pentagon has signed more than half a billion dollars to rebuild part of the southern border wall

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The US Department of Defense signed a $ 646 million contract with a company to rebuild a section of the US-Mexican border wall, said the ministry in a statement on Wednesday.

The commission was given to a New Mexico-based company that has to plan and rebuild the wall at the Arizona-Mexican border. Deadline for completion: 31 January 2020
The wallet did not tell us how long this wall section was.
In January, President Donald Trump instructed the Ministry of Defense, after the Congress did not vote on the amount requested for the construction of the wall, to group funds into wall construction. Patrick Shanahan, executive defense minister, approved last week to group $ 1.5 billion from the ministry’s budget to build a more than 130-kilometer wall section.
It is related to migration that Donald Trump outlined his new ideas on the transformation of the Immigration Act on Thursday at the White House Rose Garden. According to the information leaked in the US press, the President is expected to announce the abolition of the visa waiver practice, the introduction of merits (qualifications, professional qualifications) for immigration applications, and the authorization of more than half of those with a green card.
According to newspaper information, Jared Kushner, an adviser to the White House, who has been the boss of Donald Trump, and Stephen Miller, a domestic political adviser on the hard-line stance of immigration in American political life, has been involved in the development of the new plans for months. According to The Wall Street Journal, Kushner and Miller also examined the immigration policies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and had to find that only 12 percent of migrants arriving in the United States in recent years trained against Canada, where immigrants are 63, or with Australia, where 68 percent belonged to this group.

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