Illegal immigration – France spent nearly half a billion euros last year on deporting illegal immigrants

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Almost half a billion euros last year was spent by the French state on the removal of illegally staying foreigners, of which 468 million euros were expelled and 26 million euros were paid out to volunteers, according to a parliamentary report released on Wednesday.

According to figures published by the government representatives of Jean-Noël Barrot and Alexandre Holroyd, France spent EUR 468 million last year on expulsion of expatriates. The official removal of an illegal immigrant costs about 14,000 euros to the state machine. In contrast, the removal of volunteers, together with financial support for resuming in the country of origin, amounts to between 2500 and 4,000 euros per person.
According to the data of the Ministry of the Interior, last year 15 677 people were expelled and 6 845 voluntarily left.
Last year, a total of 30,276 illegally staying foreign nationals stayed in France, compared to 26,783 the previous year.
Most of the deportees arrived from Albania in 2112, with Romanian citizens ranked second in 1909, and third in Algerians (1525).
The report also revealed that only 40 per cent of 24 531 foreigners who had been expelled at the last year’s collection site had been removed from France by the authorities.
MEPs also pointed out that the official closure of illegal immigrants “is sometimes legally vulnerable”. Last year, the courts ordered 6 761 cases of illegal immigrants to be released, because there were no legal grounds for detention.
Several law enforcement organizations on Tuesday reminded that the blockade of illegal immigrants became commonplace and tighter since Emmanuel Macron became head of state, and the collection of illegal immigrants is often carried out by the French authorities in violation of human rights.

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