Illegal immigration – Expert: America would develop an immigration point system

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It is likely that US President Donald Trump will develop an immigration point system that takes into account a number of criteria, such as Australia, said Tamás Magyarics, an American expert on the current M1 channel on Wednesday.

It is questionable whether this system would work in the United States, as it is much easier on an island to comply with such regulation than in an area with thousands of kilometers of common borders with Mexico, he added.
The main criteria for the scoring system are expected to be language proficiency and qualifications, especially in the shortage of jobs, he said.
Recalled: recently, the US President, with the prospect of US punishment for Mexican products, has led Mexican leaders to conduct thousands of soldiers and police officers at their southern borders. Nevertheless, migration is still a problem in the area, only 100-120,000 illegal immigrants arrived in the United States in the first few months of 2019, he added.
The expert also pointed out that the impact of deportations started in America is still economically questionable, as 10-11 million illegal immigrants live in the country. They mainly work in jobs that Americans are reluctant to undertake. With the removal of all illegal immigrants, about 20-25 percent of the agricultural and service sector would be lost in America, according to a survey, said Tamás Magyarics.

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