Instagram presents the diary of a Hungarian Jewish girl killed in Auschwitz at the age of thirteen

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The story of Éva, an internet application called Instagram, presents the journal of Hungarian Jewish girl Heyman Éva killed in Auschwitz at the age of thirteen, preparing for Thursday’s Israeli Holocaust, Jom Haso.

The log processing of the diary in real life really ruins the moods in Israel, ”said the newspaper Háárec on Tuesday.
They are trying to bring the former tragedy closer to today’s teenagers by using the application, which is primarily a children’s medium. Éva Heyman drove a diary for three and a half months in 1944 until his deportation in May.
The mother of the war survived. He found her and wrote her daughter’s writing in more than fifty years ago, which has since been forgotten. However, the Israeli company is trying to revive its history in a new form.
Mati Kochávi, a millionaire owner of an Israeli IT company, funded the business, which will be available as @ eva.stories from Wednesday afternoon, from Yom Haso’s eve to Instagram. Already more than 100,000 on Tuesday already followed this account.
Since last week, billboards have begun to advertise the story of Eva across the roads, and the site is being promoted on the Internet with an introductory book that has been viewed for a quarter of a million.
There will be a number of video messages coming out of Wednesday, with the help of actors in the coming period to revive the events that took place in Hungary in 1944: discriminatory measures, ghettoization, up to the train to Auschwitz.
In her diary, Eve told her dream that she would move to London and be a photojournalist. “We wanted to help you realize your dream,” said Mati Kochávi. “We made our diary into video clips, instead of a camera we gave it to a smartphone, we published it on Instagram instead of newspapers, and we first brought it to Israel, then we took it to London and the rest of the world,” he said.
Four hundred members of the creative team are making video recordings in Lviv, Ukraine, and dozens of Internet influenza and other local celebrities have won over the site to promote the site.
Even Benjamin Netanyahu was in charge of reprocessing the diary of Éva Heyman, and on Tuesday he drew attention to the case with a Twitter message. At the same time, there are those who say that the girl who has been killed has a fictitious Instagram account against the memory of disrespect, and underestimates the intelligence of the Israeli youth, according to a review published in Haarec. But there were those who also argued with this opinion, because they think it is not the question of where, what media, but how, on what level, the memory of Eve Heyman will come to life.

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