Iran nuclear program – US Special Representative: Washington wants to negotiate a new agreement

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Washington wants to negotiate a new agreement with Iran, said the US Foreign Ministry’s Iranian Special Envoy to journalists on Wednesday in Washington.

Brian Hook explained that if the US government drafts a new agreement, it will submit it to the Congress to ratify it as a convention. At the same time, the Special Envoy stated that Washington “will never let the Iranian nuclear regime blackmail hostage”.
Referring to the announcement of Wednesday’s announcement of a partial withdrawal of a multi-power atomic bomb in 2015, he said: “The regime today announced its intention to widen its nuclear program on the anniversary of our withdrawal from the Convention. to blackmail “. The diplomat called on the international community to “take responsibility for Tehran because of the threat of widening his nuclear program”. He stated that he said Iran was “still a challenge to the peace and security of the world.”
Brian Hook stressed the determination of the US government to prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear weapons. To this end, as he said, “continues to exert maximum pressure” on the leadership of the Tehran until he completely “destabilises” his efforts.
Hook did not rule out a journalist’s suggestion as to whether further sanctions could be expected against Iran. “I promise additional punitive measures and I will always keep my promises,” he said.
The US government, as an ultimatum, rated Wednesday’s announcement by Hashan’s Roman President Iran. US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, who is currently negotiating in London, called the “Iranian announcement” “deliberately ambiguous”. He added, however, that before formulating the American response, one has to wait for what Iran will do for the nuclear program.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House spokesman on Wednesday afternoon said she hopes there will be no conflict with Iran, the United States does not want to get armed confrontation with Iran. “I don’t think anyone would want such a war with anyone,” he said. He added that the President “endorsed his firm position” on this matter.

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