Iran’s nuclear program – British Foreign Minister: London and Washington are in a “different” position

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According to the British Foreign Minister, London and Washington have different views on the international agreement on the Iranian nuclear program.

Jeremy Hunt, who spoke with Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State at a joint press conference on Wednesday in London, said the British and US governments were engaging in “incredibly close” co-operation on Iran, including joint action against Iran’s destabilization in the Middle East.
According to Hunt, Britain and the United States also agree that Iran should never acquire nuclear weapons, but it is “no secret” that the position of London and Washington is different on what is the best way to prevent this.
According to the British Foreign Minister, Britain continues to support the multi-party agreement with Iran on limiting Iran’s nuclear development, which is seen as a key achievement in the global system to prevent the accumulation of nuclear weapons.
In recent months, there has been a serious disagreement between London and the White House after the United States has withdrawn from an international agreement signed in 2015 by the British Government.
The three Western European powers party to the Convention had already made a joint statement on the day of US President Donald Trump’s announcement, which he called the United States’ withdrawal from the treaty regrettable and alarming.
A joint call by the Prime Minister of Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel in London last May stressed that the agreement signed with Iran was unanimously approved by UN Security Council Resolution 2231, and that this resolution is the settlement of the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program. a binding international legal framework.
May, Macron and Merkel called all the parties to the agreement at the time to maintain their commitment to the full implementation of the treaty and the United States to refrain from acts that would prevent other signatory countries from fully complying with the agreement.
At a press conference with the US Foreign Minister on Wednesday, Jeremy Hunt, however, called “an unwelcome development” that, in response to US sanctions, the Iranian president had envisaged restricting the implementation of the contracted program. According to the British Foreign Minister, if Iran does not adhere to the 2015 agreement, it will have “consequences”, although these are not detailed by Hunt.
He added, however, that London would respect the agreement on the nuclear program until Iran did so.
Mike Pompeo said in response to the Iranian announcement at the press conference in London: the United States is waiting for what the Iranian leadership will ultimately do about the nuclear development program. According to the US Secretary of State, Teheran had previously made announcements only to “push the world into them”.
Pompeo refused the suggestions that the relationship between London and Washington would deteriorate because of the Iranian case. He stated that the United States and Britain’s special relationship is “not only durable, but flourishing”.

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