Islamic State – Britons fighting for jihadist denial of nationality

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The London High Court has ruled that those who have joined the Islamic State terrorist organization are deprived of their British citizenship. The court’s precedent ruling in this respect was reported Thursday by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

An appeal was filed in the High Court by Amber Rudd, a 22-year-old son of Ashraf Mahmud Islam, who has been stripped of his British nationality as Home Secretary. The father wanted his son, who joined the Jihadists at the age of 18 and is currently in a Kurdish-controlled military prison in Syria, to return to the United Kingdom and stand trial, avoiding the death penalty.
However, the Supreme Court dismissed the action on Wednesday. According to experts, the ruling could set a precedent for other British fighters of the Islamic State terrorist organization and British “brides” of terrorists, who are also at risk of losing their nationality.
The most well-known British case in recent times has been the case of Shamima Begum. The young woman, who was also on the side of the Islamic State, was denied British citizenship because she was also entitled to a Bangladeshi passport. Under British law, citizenship can only be withdrawn from people of dual nationality and in cases where there is a risk to national security. However, no one can be deprived of his or her citizenship by depriving them of their nationality.
In the case of Ashraf Mahmud Islam, the High Court stressed that the young man owed himself to the death penalty, he decided to go to Syria and join the jihadists. The threat of fighting in Syria is not because the Interior Minister has deprived her of British citizenship, but because she has been involved in acts committed by the Islamic State, she explained.
The court also pointed out that London-born Ashraf Mahmud Islam was living well with his lawyer father and mother. The young man studied law in Bangladesh, Dhaka, when he disappeared in April 2015. He traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State, but his family learned about it only a month later.

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