Jay-Z is the first billionare rapper for Forbes

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Jay-Z, building his own empire with his music and business investments, is the first billionth rapper in the Forbes business magazine.

Forbes estimated the current assets of the rapper at about $ 1 billion ($ 287 billion). As they say, her husband, Beyoncé, is mainly due to his success in building his own brand, rather than just embracing existing businesses.
According to the business magazine, Jay-Z is the only billionaire rapper, the successful rapper producer Dr Dre has not yet reached this status. The latter has approximately $ 770 million (HUF 221 billion) worth of assets.
Jay-Z, originally named Shawn Carter, grew up in the poor quarters of New York. His 1996 album, Reasonable Doubt, started his career. The Blueprint, released in 2001, was selected in March for the National Library of the Library of Congress for its cultural, historical and aesthetic significance.
Forbes has calculated his wealth by adding up the various assets of the star, subtracting the cost of the superstar lifestyle.
According to BBC News, the 49-year-old performer has a $ 75 million (21.5 billion forints) music catalog, the Armand de Brignac champagne and the D’Ussé cognac brand of $ 410 million ($ 117.5 billion), New In the fashionable parts of York and Los Angeles, Tidal is a $ 100 million ($ 29 billion) share of music streaming service and $ 50 million ($ 14.3 billion) art collection.
Beyonce also has $ 335 million ($ 96 billion) worth of assets, and the couple’s net assets have been worth over $ 1 billion for years.
Jay-Z is one of the richest men in the world, with Warren Buffett’s businessman on his latest cover page for Forbes. Billionaire, 40 years old, had seen something in the rapper years ago when he told Forbes.
“Jay teaches in a much larger classroom than I ever did. The youth that grows up today must learn from him,” he said.

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