Jennifer Lopez is in a true story, stripping a lot of money

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Jennifer Lopez plays the role of a movie about a real-life newspaper article: In the Hustlers movie, stripper dancers ransack their richest banker cuffs from revenge for having assholes with them. The preview was released.

Here’s a modern Robin Hood story: some stripper dancers who took away the (mainly) rich, (usually) disgusting and (in their opinion) disgusting men’s money, and gave it to themselves.

That’s how the New York Magazine begins its story about the story of Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and Cardi B, who is now starring. According to the story of Hustlers, the girls are depicting their most rebellious bankers coming from Wall Street, and when they knocked out their credit cards completely, thinking that no one would turn to the police for such an embarrassing matter. “It’s like a bank robbery that you still get the key to,” says Jennifer Lopez in the trailer, in a movie that splashes on Wall Street’s wolf.

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