Grandson of Robert F. Kennedy died of drug overdose

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A 22-year-old grandson of Saoirse Kennedy Hill, the late US Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, is believed to have died unexpectedly in a drug overdose.

An ambulance was called to a 22-year-old girl Thursday afternoon at the home of her 91-year-old grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, but the life of a communications student at Boston University could not be saved.

The girl’s life was full of hope, promise and love, the family said in a statement. True, in high school he wrote in the school newspaper about his struggle with depression.

“Although I was mostly a happy child, I was often plagued with deep sadness that put me under a lot of pressure,” he wrote earlier.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill was the only child of Paul Michael and Courtney Kennedy Hill. Most recently, he has been involved in rounds of gun control.

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