Before his death, he was consumed by the Prodigy singer

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Cocaine, alcohol, and codeine were Keith Flint, the body of Prodigy’s singer at the time of his death, BBC News said.

The 49-year-old singer was found dead on March 4 in a home in the North End of Essex.
According to a forensic expert, the musician’s death was caused by hanging. The toxicological study revealed cocaine, alcohol and codeine in Flint’s body.
Caroline Beasley-Murray essex Chief Medical Expert said on Wednesday that there is not enough evidence to say that the singer ended her life with her own hand.
“We will never know for sure what happened in that day,” said the medical expert. Beasley-Murray added that, due to the lack of evidence, it could not be said that the musician’s death was an accident, that is, the singer was “just amused and eventually bad things”.
An official investigation in March did not reveal any aversion to Flint’s death.
Born in London, Flint ran in the 1990s with a British Award winner. The band released a new album last November, recently touring in Australia, in May to go to the United States.
Liam Howlett and Maxim, members of the Prodigy, Flint “praised him as a real pioneer, innovator and legend” after his death.
At the end of March, thousands of people lined up on the streets of Essex to make a final farewell to the singer.

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