Chief Chiefs and Oscar-Awarded Actress on UK Birthday Celebration List

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The two highest-ranking British spokesmen, an Oscar-winning actress and the British Industry Association’s (CBI) outright anti-Brexit leader, both appear on the UK’s new birthday list.

The 93-year-old II. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is on April 21st, but according to the centuries-old tradition, the celebration of the Great Celebration is officially celebrated by the people of the Commonwealth of Great Britain and the former British colonies.
The 216-page birthday honors on the eve of this year’s Saturday ceremony include 1073 names; 75 percent of them received the Queen’s recognition for their persistent work for the local community.
Among the best-known honors are Olivia Colman, an Oscar-winning actress, who received the title of the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE).
Olivia Colman took over this year’s Best Actress Oscar for Her Favorite drama (The Favorite) in her XVIII. as the ruler of Queen Anne in the 19th century.
Two weeks earlier, at the London Film and Television Academy of Arts (BAFTA) award ceremony, he was also awarded the Best Female Principal for his role.
The queen gave the queen the leadership of the British Rescue (MI5) and external intelligence (MI6). Andrew Parker, CEO of MI5, and Alex Younger, Head of MI6, have both been entitled to wear the Sir name.
MI5 has discovered and prevented 27 ongoing terrorist attacks since Sir Andrew Parker took over the leadership of the service in 2013 – justifying his first man in combat.
He donated the female equivalent of the knight title to II. Queen Elizabeth Carolyn Fairbairn, CEO of the British Industry Association (CBI).
Carolyn Fairbairn, who is entitled to wear the Dame Knight from Saturday, constantly warns the British Government of Brexit’s economic risks.
Dame Carolyn recently announced in a business forum that 80 percent of CBI member companies are already postponing and even deleting UK investments due to uncertainties in the Brexit process.
According to the leader of the industry association Brexit without an agreement would cause an economic crisis in Britain, as the customs duties that would appear overnight in the trade with the EU in case of an unexpected exit would cost the British 20 billion pounds (7400 billion forints) a year. corporate sector.
The award of the CBI leader was immediately criticized by the British press’s Brexit party. According to The Daily Telegraph’s first-page headline on Saturday, Dame Carolyn was “Project Fear”, one of the directors of the fear-triggered operation, who was highly acclaimed.
The oldest of this year is a 100-year-old retired judge, John Hayman, who can take over the British Imperial Medal (BEM). In the same honors, Liverpool’s popular street sweeper, 61-year-old Thomas McArdle, who for nearly a decade and a half has been providing cleanliness in the northwestern England city, has often been spending his free time cleaning up the streets, sacrificing wall scraps.

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