Hurricane Dorian dropped to strength two, slowly moving toward Florida

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In local time on Tuesday morning, Hurricane Dorian dropped to strength two as it slowly moved from the Bahamas to Florida.

The Miami-based National Hurricane Center reports that hurricane gusts have diminished, but the storm zone has widened. But it’s moving so slowly that professionals don’t expect to reach the southeast coast of the United States before dawn on Wednesday.
Meteorologists have noted that it is extremely unusual for a storm of this magnitude – the Dorian began to devastate as a Hurricane of Five – to stay in one place for a long time. Day three of Dorian is raging over the Bahamas.
In the Bahamas, five people died in the storm, but many have disappeared. The missing are being searched by their relatives on live radio. Bahamas MP, Iram Lewis, told CNN news television on Tuesday that they expect deaths to continue to rise. “Many places are still unavailable to rescue units, people are waiting on the rooftops for help,” the spokesman said.
With storms of 185-190 kilometers per hour, the storm is moving about 1.5 miles per hour to Florida, but meteorologists have predicted that winds may increase to 280-285 kilometers per hour.
Extreme weather conditions are expected for two days in the Bahamas: storms continue to whip sea waves 4-5 meters above tide, heavy rainfall, with 766 millimeters of rainfall on Tuesday.
According to recent reports, the hurricane will “only” hit the Florida coast, but its effects will be devastating. With strong gusts of wind and heavy rainfall, coastal areas are expected to flood the ocean.
In Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, authorities are constantly urging residents to stay in their homes or move to shelters from areas that have been ordered to evacuate on Tuesday.

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