It was shown that the British voted for Brexit were happier

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Brexit causes headaches for the British: A long-term study involving tens of thousands of households has shown that those who voted to retain British membership of the European Union in the 2016 referendum are being stressed out by chronic migraine.

But those who voted to quit have lowered their stress levels and are more satisfied with their lives, the Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

By 2008, prestigious institutions – the Warwick Business School, the London School of Economics and the City University of London – were looking at the available data for 40,000 households. It turned out that while the supporters and opponents of EU membership had similar levels of stress and satisfaction with their lives before the referendum, those following the referendum increased for those who stayed, and those who quit.

Research has shown that those who were less satisfied with their lives before 2016 were more likely to vote for membership of the European Union. Married, cohabiting and divorced people also voted for Brexit, as did retirees, those with health problems and the less educated.

According to experts, the stress suffered by voters in retention seems to be lasting and has only increased over time.

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