China can organize the 2025 World Games

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The 12th World Games of 2025 will be held in Chengdu, unanimously decided by the World Games International Federation (IWGA) General Assembly.

The Chinese city will host Birmingham in the United States, hosted by more than 30 sports in 2021, with over 3,600 athletes from each of the four multi-sport event hosted every four years.
At the IWGA General Assembly, held by the Australian Gold Coaston, according to the National Competition Association (NVESZ), following the decision, he signed an agreement to manage the games Luo Chiang, Mayor of Sichuan Capital, and José Perurena, president of the prestigious sports organization. The Spanish sports leader called Chengt one of the most dynamically developing and forward-looking Chinese cities.
“We did not apply for this event, but in the strategy of the National Association of Competitive Sports, Hungary is going to organize World Games,” said the president of the NESZ. János Mészáros added that the goal for the Hungarian athletes would be to perform as much as possible every four years.
In Wroclaw, in 2017, with the six gold, four silver and four bronze medals, the Hungarians produced their most successful performance in the 36-year history of sports not included in the Olympic program, and the leadership of the NESZ hopes that they will be able to surpass this in Birmingham.

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