Royal costumes and star designers – II. Elisabeth’s birthday was a real fashion celebration

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April 21, celebrated II. Elisabeth British Queen’s 93rd Birthday. However, the Queen also has an official birthday celebrated with a big parade in London on the second Saturday of June. This time the whole royal family appeared at the event, and the birthday party was a real fashion celebration. Now we’ll tell you what the queen was wearing and the princesses and princesses.

II. Elisabeth, the queen of hats, used to wear Angela Kelly’s designer and female tailor as usual. She has been the queen’s personal assistant since 2002 and also a designer. The white and pale pink, tweed-like dress and hat were very good at II. Elizabeth. Of course you chose beaded jewelery as an accessory.

We are well aware that Princess Katalin’s great admirer of Alexander McQueen’s fashion house – as they were designed for their wedding dress – and this time also picked out her pastel yellow dress made by the neck and pemplum. We’ve seen this Philip Treacy hat on Katalin, wearing the same at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The princess’s earring was a particularly valuable piece. In 1947, the Queen received seven beads from her ruler for her wedding, and two of them soon made this earring. Jewelery is therefore II. From Elisabeth’s collection.

The Sussex Princess, Meghan Markle, chose a darker shade for the event. Since the birth of the newborn on May 8, two days after the birth of the little boys, Meghan has not appeared at a public event ever since. This was the first time you naturally chose a Givenchy dress. The fashion house also designed the princess’s wedding dress. Meghan’s hat was designed by Noel Stewart.

Princess Kamilla wore a Bruce Oldfield coat with a pale green, white floral embroidery and a white Philip Treacy hat. As far as jewelery is concerned, Kamilla made the pearl next to the pearl.

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