It leaked out: the British are not ready for Brexit

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“Britain is not ready to leave the Union by the end of October” – it is read in a leaked confidential British government document. The news touches the candidates for campaigning for the May Prime Minister’s success, reports Infostart.

Most of them swear by the fact that by the end of October, the island will be removed from the EU once and for all. However, it seems that British Conservative Party Chiefs and Heads of Government must face the unpleasant truth: the country is not ready to leave.

This can be read in a confidential government document that came into the possession of the Financial Times. According to the analysis, the pharmaceutical sector and the preparation of border surveillance may take six or even eight months.

In pharmaceuticals, the substance says: “It is time to take adequate measures to ensure that the right amount of medicine is accumulated by 31 October.”

In addition, “it should be at least 4-5 months” to prepare the trade for border control and, as part of it, to introduce appropriate financial incentives to target exporters and importers.

All this undermines the arguments of those conservative candidates who want to take the place of the outgoing Prime Minister. Most of the aspirants are part of the lead, and the vice-minister, former Boris Johnson, promises to leave the island from the EU by 31 October or so. Michael Gove Minister of the Environment dared to say that there might be a need for an additional expulsion date, but he got involved in cocaine, which worsens his chances of election.

According to FT, the material proves that Britain is not prepared for the effects of unscrupulous chaotic braxite.

The confidential material was compiled for the British Government’s meeting on 21 May, but the leak was scheduled to be held on Wednesday, when Johnson began his campaign.

The central message of this is that it is no longer possible to delay Britain’s departure from the Union. Restraining his earlier rhetoric, Johnson also said that he did not want a bargainless deal, but if he did not go otherwise, he would withdraw his home from the EU by the end of October. However, the sign of the government seat indicates how much chaos it can cause.

For example, the Foreign Ministry would need at least two months to inform the 1 million British citizens living in the EU and give them time to prepare for “precarious status”.

The material was ultimately not revealed to the British Government, as Prime Minister May was busy with accepting the breeze expropriation agreement with the parliament.

The British brexite ministry says he is preparing for the no-deal scenario, but the Interior Minister, Sajid Javid, one of the party leader aspirants, states that the Treasury is holding back the negotiated money because Philip Hammond, Finance Minister, is opposed to a bargain breeze. He speaks, however, about half a billion pounds being transferred in April and wondering that the domestic affair has already spent it. The affair of the home affairs ministry was to ask for another 1 billion in preparation.

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