The much-disputed suicide scene was cut out of the Thirteen Causes series

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Two years after the start of the series, Netflix cut off the much disputed suicide scene from the 13th season of the 13th season (13 Reasons Why), the first season of the American Kamas Drama series.

According to the streaming provider, the three-minute scene, in which a teenage girl cuts her blood, was removed from the series by “health experts”. The version available on Netflix is ​​now only visible as you discover the body of the girl – read on the BBC News website.
“Although the dramatic processing of such sensitive topics can help them to better understand and encourage people to seek help, it is important that this noble purpose is done in a responsible manner,” stressed Lorna Fraser, a charity organization from Samaritans, a UK-based streaming service provider.
Started in 2017, the series tells a story of a teenager named Hannah who leaves 13 footage, explaining why she decided to quit her life. The first episode of the first season is seen when she cuts her blood in the bathtub.
The series has been praised by many to draw attention to issues such as rape, harassment and self-harm. However, the scene that depicts suicide in a realistic way has provoked outrage among parents and health experts.
Producer of the series, Brian Yorkey on Twitter, said that it was originally “terrible and painful to actually commit suicide, so that no one would like to imitate what they saw”. However, following the concerns expressed by health experts, this decision was considered. “No scene is more important than the show’s survival and message that we need to pay more attention to each other,” Yorkey added.
The third season of this series, based on Jay Asher’s 2007 novel, titled “The Same,” is coming this year.

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