Without the classic scare, the A 2 is ahead of you

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There are two kinds of people: the one who has been taken down by the water from the clowns, and only after the horror film The. Stephen King about becoming a grown-up, friendship, adolescent and a horribly clown clown, Pennywise (fun fact: Pennywise is one of the most well-known and coolest punk rock bands in which for three years the Ignite singer Téglás Zoli was the frontman), well, ONE The childrens’ rumor of a child in a crowd was shot twice. First in a 1990 mini-series, in which Tim Curry was evil, then in a 2017 film starring Bill Skarsgård. Well, this is the next step.

The first film that came into cinemas two years ago, developed since 2009, only told the first half of the story, where children fight with Pennywise, the 25-year-old clown-looking entity, which was the continuation of the first 700 million Dollar’s earnings have been well supported. The story starts with being 27 years after the first film, Pennywise is back in the hero, the heroes of the first part returning to teach horrors, and there will be a lot of running and screaming, blood, sweat and scary retiring people.

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