Kommersant: It was the pilots’ fault that caused the Superjet accident in Moscow

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The flaws of the pilots caused the Aeroflot airline’s Suuhoy Superjet 100 passenger passenger accident on May 5 at Moscow’s Seremetyev airport – quoted by Kommersant, the Russian economic newspaper, on Wednesday.

The expert investigation of the flight of the SU 1492 flight, according to the sheet, found that it struck a lightning bolt about 15 minutes after the take-off. The lightning protection of the SSJ-100, which turned on the emergency power supply, was then activated. The Direct Mode manual control mode is turned on when the automation no longer provides pilots and does not correct their faults.
Kommersant has been informed that the technical fault in the machine was not fatal, in this case the pilots do not have to land immediately in accordance with the instructions in the Operations Manual, and are only included in the suggestions to hurry to let the machine run smoothly. In such an extraordinary situation it is not mandatory to send an alarm, this is only Mayday! it is mandatory to ask for help, which was not done by the crew, so they did not wait for the passenger car with fire engines at the landing ground.
The two pilots of SSJ-100, Gyenyis Jevdokimov and Makszim Kuznyecov, only managed to turn to the runway for the second time in accordance with all the requirements of the regulation, but the machine, which was driven by the autopilot and thrusters, was overcrowded at the ideal leveling point. For this reason, according to the experts, the pilots tried to “push” the machine to the track, which led to a catastrophe, by suddenly spinning the engines and lowering the nose.
According to the informants of the paper, when the passenger was hit by a second track, the machine and passengers were overloaded with about 5 G, although the maximum overload of the SSJ-100 could be up to 3.75 G. As a result, the rear photo brackets crashed the fuel tanks, causing the passenger to flame. The pilots would have had to start an emergency on the first blow.
Kommersant has learned that the process of disaster development has already been reconstructed by the investigation, and only the determination of personal responsibility remains.
Aeroflot’s flight from Moscow to Murmansk returned to the airport in the evening on May 5, due to a lightning strike and lighted up during landing. Of the 78 passengers and staff, 41 were killed.

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