Compensates Wizz Air for passengers staying at Frankfurt Airport

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Last week, we wrote that Wizz Air left 50 people at Frankfurt airport after they sent a small plane – instead of a 232-seat machine, it was just 180 people able to transport it.

Passengers waited for hours of uncertainty, had not been communicating with them for a long time, and received no official paper that they could not stay. Several people complained that no bottle of water was offered to the wicked at the airport. The Prime Minister also spoke on the matter and foresaw a consumer protection investigation.

Now, in an interview with, CEO József Váradi said that they sincerely regret the case and filter the lessons. Although he first said that the passengers would be compensated, he was a little shady later: “We are trying to mitigate the damage to passengers as much as possible.”

The airline sends a letter to one of the affected passengers indicating that this means:

EUR 250 damages;
the hotel or food costs incurred due to the delay will be reimbursed on receipt.

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