Wikipedia founder calls for a boycott of social sites

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Wikipedia founder Dr Larry Sanger launched a new Internet challenge. It asks people to boycott all community sites for 48 hours, thus raising awareness of how important it is for users to handle these personal data responsibly – writes BBC.

According to the call, people should quit on Thursday and Friday to use any community site to report “serious harm” when they cannot decide on the full right to control their personal information.

Sanger wrote on his side that they would make a big noise and jointly show their strength to the big companies that they had to deal with it. In his opinion, the more people join, the clearer the message will be about how dissatisfied people are with this situation. Dr. Sanger hopes that after the action, the social networking sites will be much more open and more open, that is, if something appears on one, it can go to the other side. Sanger asks his followers to spread the call on Facebook as he doesn’t personally use this platform.

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