Stallone has become a spinster on Supercell 3.

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The supercell series is like a spam: it looks cheap, only the goodman knows how to make it, it seems to be full of tired ingredients, but somebody needs to consume it, otherwise it wouldn’t be full with them. Approximately one kilo of spam comes out of the price of a movie ticket when we walk into the store, buy the 30-deck cans, unpack at home in the kitchen cabinet, and star for an hour and a half, then get a similar experience like Supercell 3: The projection of devil for the same amount of money.

In addition to the Expendables series, Supercella is another, which Stallone is constantly, over and over again in the 2010s, after Rambo and Rocky. The question is whether he chose this way, or different Chinese investors who saw the opportunity to receive in return for a small amount of money a production that China and the world-famous Stallone fans look at, and that is likely to bring in the money they spend. No matter what the movie is, just put Stallone’s overwhelmed 73-year-old face on the poster / cover / thumbnail, and if there is Dave Bautista, known from the Galaxy guard, there is a crazy win-win for every generation.


In 2013, the Supercell started off with a medium but somewhat memorable film that united the great public places of the eighties and nineties: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a escape from a super-safe high-tech prison. The second was to leave Schwarzenegger, and usually all of the first things to enjoy. There is hardly any prison in the third, but Stallone alone. The Stallone, with his grotesque muscles and minimal mimicry, is like being a self-made statue in Budapest. In this movie, you have to mourn once, strangle it once, and once brutally smash somebody – all three have the same expression.

By the way, I cut the face of Supercella all the way through this movie, because this movie, made for DVD or video, looks like it was on a flip phone fifteen years ago, probably due to the lack of lighting. they have bought the money left over. Looks like shit. What you finally know is that where you put it on, every yellow blush in the urine.

The story of Supercell 3 follows the previous one, but I did not remember anything about it as I saw it and wrote it on the Index. The evil single little boy who died in the previous part was dead on the scene, first kidnapping the Chinese tycoon daughter unrelated to the story, and one of the members of Stallone’s professional burglary team, and they were taken to a Latvian prison to release both of them.

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