The US Labor Minister resigned because of the Epstein scandal

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Alexander Acosta, US Secretary of Labor resigned on Friday due to the Epstein scandal.

The minister announced his resignation in the White House in the presence of President Donald Trump. In his explanation, he stated that he did not want the Epstein scandal to distract the government from the work of merit.
Trump said: Acosta called her in the morning with her resignation, the decision was the minister, not her. The President said that Acosta was a “great minister.” He added, “a good man and he will miss us.”
The 66-year-old businessman Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire businessman, was charged on Monday in New York for trafficking in human beings and sexual abuse, including minors. Epstein was once convicted for sexual abuse in Florida in 2008, but prosecutors have been prosecuted and sentenced to a slight 13-month prison sentence. Acosta was one of the prosecutors when he made the slight punishment, and he was the prosecutor.
Immediately after the arrest, the Minister had the value of sharp criticism, and demanded the resignation of leading Democratic Party politicians. On Wednesday, Acosta tried to highlight what happened in 2008 at a press conference. He argued that he and his colleagues took over Epstein’s case after the Palm Beach prosecutors wanted to drop the charge.
Following the resignation of Acosta, the Minister for Labor will be chaired by Deputy Minister Patrick Pizzella as Deputy Minister of Labor.

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