He was arrested by Stan Lee’s former manager

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Arrested by the father of the Marvel universe, last year’s former manager of Stan Lee’s American comic book died on Saturday because he accused him of abusing the old man.

Keya Morgan was arrested in Arizona. Among other things, they are accused of stealing against older people, misappropriating treatment, counterfeiting, fraud and misbehavior. According to the authorities, he wanted to capitalize on Lee’s fortune, and although he could never act on behalf of Lee, he had an influence on him. According to the police, more than 262 thousand dollars were only pocketed from the autographs that Lee attended in May 2018. He is also accused of moving Lee from Hollywood Hills home to a Beverly Hills apartment to have more influence.

Last year, Lee’s daughter asked Morgan for a restraint order, claiming to manipulate a mentally degrading writer, preventing her family members and friends from meeting, and trying to take control of her business interests and finances.

In the 1960s, Stan Lee revolutionized the comic genre and the American pop culture through Marvel. Spiderman, Iron Man and many other legendary superhero creators died at the age of 95 in November last year. In 75 countries, 25 languages, comics have appeared in over two million copies. With his comic book characters, the audience was able to see 24 animated TV series and many feature films.

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