Liam Neeson got another action

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Liam Neeson returns to the screen once again as an action hunter: he is a disassembled Vietnam veteran who takes a boy under his wings, chased by a scapegoat, wrote The Hollywood Reporter.

The Minuteman is directed by Robert Lorenz, who co-authored the screenplay with Chris Charless and Danny Kravitz. Lorenz had previously produced a number of Clint Estwood films, including the Mysterious River, Million Dollar Baby and American Sniper.
Lorenz debuted as the director with the last twist in 2012. The father-daughter drama starred Clint Eastwood and the girl was Amy Adams.
Minuteman’s international distribution rights are offered at Voltage Pictures at the Cannes Film Fair. Filming of the film begins in September.
Schneer’s Neeson nominated for the Oscar Award for his film in Schindler’s List this summer, and has been the star of many action films, including the Starring Trilogy in recent years. He recently had to explain when his new film entitled “Frostbite Chase”, in his promotional tour, made a misunderstanding about what he called a racist. He has since apologized several times, but it has come to light that this may have an impact on his career.

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