London is reviewing Huawei’s participation in the development of the British 5G network

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The British government is reviewing the role of Huawei’s Chinese telecom giant in building the British 5G telecommunications network, said Downing Street on Thursday.

The spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office in Theresa May, in response to a daily question from Huawei’s journalist, said: The government has launched a study to determine the appropriate policy direction for the development of the British 5G network.
The spokesman added without details: the government is announcing the matter “as soon as it is ready”.
At the end of last month, a domestic political scandal in Britain caused a leap in the government’s security council’s decision that Huawei could become a “limited” role in the development of “non-central” infrastructure elements in the UK’s 5G network.
May May Gavin Williamson was deported from defense minister after the investigation found Williamson responsible for leaking.

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