Luxembourg may be the first European country to legalize cannabis

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The bill on marijuana legalization could become law within two years, writes Politico. Cannabis is currently legal in only a few countries, including Canada, Uruguay, and 11 US states.

According to Health Minister Etienne Schneider, the main reasons for the project were health reasons, as young people in the Duchy are buying herbs from the black market, but there is no way to control the quality of marijuana or risk getting access to more dangerous substances. Schneider stated that

the country’s drug policy over the last 50 years has failed, with a ban on drugs only making it more attractive to young people.

The bill would legalize the entire cannabis market within a regulated framework. Production and distribution would be overseen by a state agency and could only legally consume grass in the country from the age of 18. In addition, according to the Guardian, 12 to 17-year-olds would not be punished if they found less than 5 grams of marijuana.

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