Macron thanked veterans for the liberation of France on the anniversary of the Normandy landing

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Emmanuel Macron, French Head of State, spoke English thanks to France for the liberation of American veterans, and awarded them the most distinguished honorary honors, the 75th anniversary of the Western Allies’ landing in Normandy, at a US military cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer, North-West France.

“We know what we owe you, veterans. Our freedom. In my country’s name, I just want to thank you,” said Emmanuel Macron on Thursday at a grand commemoration of Donald Trump, US President Theresa May and Justin Trudeau, along with five hundred veterans. Canadian Prime Minister.
In his address to the veterans, the American president said, “Our country is proud of you”. Trump tore tears in the eyes of the veterans when he remembered one of their comrades who fell on a fateful day by name.
Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, arrived at the French celebration, receiving the French Presidential Party, as the American Omaha Cemetery on the famous Omaha Coast is an American territory in France. Of the 12,000 invited, the first ranks of the official tribal were occupied by American veterans, who were long welcomed by the leaders of both countries and their wives, while the crowd was applauding and cheering for World War II soldiers. In the military cemetery, almost 10,000 white crosses and a star of David were punctured in the ground with American and French flags.
“For exactly 75 years ago, 10,000 people gave their blood on these shores, and thousands have sacrificed their lives for their brothers, their homeland, and their freedom,” he said in his speech.
On the anniversary of the largest landing operation in history, which enabled the Anglo-Saxon Allies to open the second front in World War II in Normandy, the politicians remembered the sacrifices of thousands of fallen soldiers, but Emmanuel Macron’s speech did not conceal the current tense relationship between US and Western European allies.
“America has never been as big as when others fought for freedom, as they remained faithful to the universal values ​​represented by their founding fathers, when for nearly two and a half centuries France was hastily in favor of its independence,” said French President Donald Trump. asking his American colleague, who often rejects the multilateral world order after the Second World War, and prefers bilateral relations, to “never end the strengthening of the alliance between free peoples”.
Donald Trump’s response indicated that the French-American bond was “indissoluble”.
The leaders of the two countries will hold a bilateral meeting after the ceremony, and will host Emmanuel Macron at lunch with Donald Trump at the prefecture of Caen. The meeting will be attended by John Bolton, US National Security Adviser, Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary, and Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Foreign Minister.
In the morning, French President Theresa May opened the anniversary celebrations in France with the British Prime Minister at the commemoration of the British military cemetery in Ver-sur-Mer.
Emmanuel Macron recalled the “special ties” between France and Britain, remembering British soldiers. Referring to the termination of British European Union membership, he stated that “whatever happens, we will always be side by side because of our common destiny”. In his speech, Theresa May did not refer to Brexit or his departure from the Prime Minister’s post, but welcomed the courage and commitment of 156,000 allies, including 83,000 British soldiers, who had landed in the first wave of Normandy.
The landing ceremonies began on Wednesday in Britain with the participation of British rulers and leaders of the Allied World War II countries. But Russian President Vlagymir Putin was not present at the commemoration in England and Normandy, which Marine Le Pen, the head of the French Radical Right-wing National Compact, called “sorry” in his Twitter message.
The 16 Heads of State and Government present, however, stated in a joint statement that they would do their utmost to ensure that “the victim of the past does not prove to be futile and never to be forgotten”.

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