Robots can make us stupid even in fashion

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Artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic distant future, but is part of the daily lives of many people, wondering how they made such an artistic photograph of unwashed dishes, or how long their phones last without charging. But artificial intelligence knows so much more, and has begun its first wings in the fashion industry, with mixed success for the time being.

Among the arts, artificial intelligence has already attempted to create in music and painting. The basic concept was the same everywhere: they put a lot of data into the system, such as portrait paintings or black metal songs, and then Artificial Intelligence learns the basic motifs and creates a work of its own. People either say that this is the art itself and philosophize about who the royalty and the proceeds of sales are or not bad, but there is no originality or specialty in it.

We’ve already written about the whole online apocalypse of MI that good things don’t usually come out of automated design of phone cases or “Keep Calm And Carry On” memes, because they run into a version that is rightly driven by popular anger. Unless you want a nail fitting phone case because you really can only rely on machines. But there are companies that rely on artificial intelligence far more than that, and it has come to them.

The artificial brain makes a scarf
Cross & Freckle is making t-shirts that aren’t new to the day, nor is it surprising that artificial intelligence tells you what to design. They did it with Keep Calm T-shirts until they unintentionally launched Keep Calm and Rape a Lot, which is decorated with the slogan “just calm down and (rape) a lot,” and of course the scandal came.

Cross & Freckle didn’t dare to risk so much, they embroider little scribbles on a plain black and white unisex t-shirt designed to reflect New York’s uniqueness and colorful, vibrant feel. To do this, millions of scribbles were fed into a neural network that would eventually throw out flawless New York features like dogs, pizza slices, or rats in the subway. Sarah McBride, co-founder of the company, says this is a new uniform in New York, and not only does the machine make patterns, but the company name and logo have been thrown out by the Hipster Name Generator. The data was collected from the Quick, Draw database, where people scribble for 20 seconds, Google Artificial Intelligence tries to figure out what it is. This has quietly built up the world’s largest scribble database. This database was called upon to help, and artificial intelligence combined its own versions of the features of each category. The best of them were selected, meaning that if we look at it, the human factor has survived, only the artificial intelligence has done the creative design of the work.

It’s not a bad image there, it’s a dress
What makes the Glitch brand special, however, is that the entire collection was designed by artificial intelligence (plus strong support for women to play a more prominent role in the traditionally masculine science, but for now, stay tuned). Pinar Yanardag and Emily Salvador attended a course at MIT called How to Generate (Almost) Anything. They seem to be paying close attention to the lessons, as they soon established their own clothing brand, where it is not them but the artificial intelligence that generates the garments. Their first major success was the rethinking of the classic little black, which many people have rethought over the decades, so there were plenty of variations to create their own version with artificial intelligence, which they then refined with designers.

Their purpose was not only to make clothes, but also to show what could be done with artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. Their long-term goal is to make easy-to-use MI tools available to those interested in the subject, whether they want to mix perfume or make stuffed animals. “If you do not have strong and expensive data processing units, it is very difficult to build such systems. This technology will be much cheaper and more affordable in the near future, but not today, ”said Salvador, who says the best thing about them is that they are not completely out of the creative process, at least in the end, from which designs you should actually dress.

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