The actor playing Csubak died

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Peter Mayhew, who played Csubak in the Star Wars, died. The news was told by the actor’s family. Peter Mayhew was 74 years old and died at his home in Texas. They didn’t tell me what the cause of death was.

“The Star Wars family meant much more to him than a role. (…) He put his heart, soul into playing Chubaka, and it feels in every scene,” the family said.

The 2-meter 18-inch actor in the original Star Wars played the big hairy wookie in trilogy. George Lucas, who directed the Star Wars, originally outlined the role of the bodybuilder David Prowse, but he wanted to play the evil Darth Vader, so the even higher Mayhew, who eventually played the role of Awakening Force until 2015, was released. retired.

Peter Mayhew had a wife and three children.

The actor was also the father of Star Wars movies, George Lucas:

Peter was a wonderful man. He was as close to the wookie as a human being could be close to it: big heart, dear nature – and I also learned to always win. He was a good friend, saddened to leave. ”

Kathleen Kennedy, producer of the current film world, also commented on the death of the actor on behalf of the crew: “We were deeply saddened by the news of Peter Mayhew’s departure. As Peter symbolically depicted the loyal, lovable Chewbacca, he has been an integral part of the character’s success since 1976 The first time I met Peter in the shooting of the Awakening Force, he was immediately impressed by the kind and attentive nature, and Peter was brilliantly able to use his gestures, postures and eyes to express a personality with them. We owe Peter a thanks for this lasting memory. ”

Mayhew’s first actor role was just before the First Star War; He played minotaur in the movie Sindbad and Tiger Eye. Producers observed in a newspaper article about large-legged men. By the way, Mayhew worked as an assistant at the Radiology Department of a London hospital and said about Star Wars casting, all he had to do. Later, in addition to Star Wars films, he had few filmmakers, most recently playing the role of a Killer Ink, a series killer tattoo artist, in 2016. \ t

He also wrote two books for young people. To grow up as the Giant was about how to get up and down, and how to be different is not weakness but strength. My favorite giant’s book spoke against school sessions.

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