American actor Rip Torn died

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American star Rip Torn, a star of the Dark Cops, died, said the artist’s manager on Wednesday. According to MTI’s news, the 88-year-old artist was killed in his home in Connecticut, his family.

Zinedine Zidane’s son is 21 years old, playing goalkeeper post. In the previous season, defending 30 matches in the third league, Real Madrid B, scored 9 times without a goal. In March, he was also able to introduce himself in the Big Real, defending against the 3-2 championship against Huesca.

The goalkeeper borrowed for a year for racing to the second tier, so that he had more opportunities for development.

The Texas-born Torn, who is otherwise the cousin of actress Sissy Spacek, studied farming for the first time, but in 1957 she engaged with the actor. He studied at Lee Strasberg’s school of color in New York, where he was discovered by director Elia Kazan, who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, saw a new James Dean or Marlon Brando in it.

Although he played in many movies, he had successes in the New York Broadway theaters and was also recognized as a synchronized actor, a great success in HBO’s The Larry Sanders show, and in Hungary in the films Dark Men (Men in Black) – Z Agent – his renditions brought him.

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