They celebrated the “official” birthday of the British ruler

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The 93-year-old II. Queen Elizabeth’s “official” birthday.

The “official” birthday ceremony of his eldest ruler, the oldest and longest in the western world – since 1952, or 67 years ago – is the colorful Trooping the Color. This salute military parade is always held in June, although the real birthday II. April 21 for Queen Elizabeth
Trooping the Color – the ceremonial presentation of the team flags to the army units – has been the celebration of the prevailing ruler’s birthday since 1748. However, the official royal birthday is always summer, VII. King Edward, son of Queen Victoria, introduced her in the first decade of the last century.
VII. Edward’s birthday was in November, when British weather is generally unsuitable for any large-scale outdoor event, so the official ceremony was set for June. This habit has survived since then.
This time the idea worked halfway: London’s people on Saturday welcomed their ruler in a cool, windy, cloudy, but occasionally sunny weather. This luck also played a role in the rain in the British capital just a few hours before the ceremony.
The Trooping the Color Ceremony is a stylized recollection of the old military practice that regularly carried out the flags and symbols of the individual units, or colors, before troops, so that they could be easily recognized in the confusion of the battle. in the event of a collapse.
II. Queen Elizabeth attended this ceremony 67 times; this is a record in the history of the British-British monarchy. He was first present at Trooping the Color in 1951, then as a princess patient, VI. Represented by King George.
In the following year, she was greeted as a queen by the embellishments and the ruler has always been present at the ceremony. The event was canceled in 1955 due to the then national railroad strike.
II. Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, celebrating his 98th birthday on Monday, was not present for the second time at the festive parade. In the autumn of 2017, Philip retired from public practice and, although occasionally, mainly in smaller family events, he is no longer involved in large-scale public events.
The ruler of this year’s parade, according to tradition, came from the Buckingham Palace on the Mall Avenue to the royal bodyguard of the royal bodyguard, in whose park nearly one and a half thousand soldiers honored him.
The queen’s carriage was accompanied by two future kings on horseback: Charles Crown Prince and firstborn son, Prince William of Cambridge, who will be the ruler of the United Kingdom after his father.
William’s brother, Prince Harry Sussex, and Harry’s American wife, Princess Meghan, arrived at the ceremony at the Buckingham Palace. Meghan first appeared to the public since her first child was born four weeks ago.
Prime Minister Theresa May was present, who formally left the ruling Conservative Party on Friday, leaving the post of prime minister, but his successor will serve as prime minister until his election by the end of July.

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