The lawsuit was overcome by the most promising candidate for the British Prime Minister’s Office

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According to the order of the London Supreme Court on Friday, Boris Johnson’s former British Foreign Minister, Theresa May’s outgoing prime minister, should not have to stand for his statements in the campaign for a referendum on British EU membership.

Johnson Ball, a private prosecutor, initiated legal proceedings with a law firm before the magistrate court of Westminster, London.

According to the claim, Boris Johnson may be accused of misconduct by a person in public office, above all, as a mayor and parliamentarian in London.

Johnson has been a Household Representative since 2015 and was Mayor of London until May 2016, so he held this post in the UK in June 2016, a retribution campaign for a retaliation with a narrow 51.89 percent majority victory.

He was also a Minister of Foreign Affairs for a long time in the government of Theresa May, but he resigned last year as a result of the government’s strategy of too much Brexit.

The main thrust of the Johnson proceedings was the later officially refuted claim that Britain will cost 350 million pounds a week (127 billion forints) for EU membership.

This was Johnson’s headline, the most serious criticism of the Brexit campaign, featuring huge letters on the side of Boris Johnson’s world-renowned campaign bus, adding that this amount should be spent on the British public health care system (NHS).

The claim was almost instantaneously fired by violent attacks, and many of the other prominent representatives of the Brexit camp were separated.

The British Statistical Office’s independent supervisory authority published its condemnation in an open letter, stressing that Johnson confused the net and gross EU payments with this campaign trick, and clearly abused official statistics.

A few weeks ago, one and a half thousand UK lawyers signed and published a joint call, which, for the same reasons, questioned the validity of the British referendum on EU membership in 2016. \ t

The judge at first instance ordered Johnson to appear before the magistrate’s body last week, and the case will then go to a higher coronary court, as the accusation of misconduct by a public official is too serious to be dealt with at magistrate level. be.

However, the order was appealed by the lawyers of the conservative politician, and the appeal was upheld by the High Court of London on Friday, repealing the first instance order of the conservative politician’s appearance.

The two-member Supreme Court of Judgment in the case did not justify its decision so far, but the judge reading the order noted that Johnson’s lawyer’s arguments “persuaded” the counsel.

The former Foreign Minister’s legal representative primarily argued that the initiator of the procedure was driven by political motives and in fact wanted to prevent Brexit.

As we wrote in the morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May resigned, with effect now, from the presidency of the British Conservative Conservative Party and the Prime Minister, but retains the latter as managing director until he has elected his successor as a successor to the now 11-member successor. Among them, Boris Johnson has been the most likely, and the current court judgment may even increase his chances.

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