The business model of AliExpress is changing

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One of China’s largest technology companies, the Alibaba Group, is changing its fastest growing business line, the business model of AliExpress, the online retail marketplace. Outside China, it is opening its doors to retailers in other countries with the undisclosed goal of becoming a real competitor to Amazon over time – a statement made by Trudy Dai, Alibaba’s Director for Wholesale at the Financial Times, the British Times.

Founded in 2010, AliExpress focuses on foreign buyers and has previously provided a secure platform for Chinese companies to sell their products to individual users in more than 150 countries around the world. Sellers are independent, AliExpress only provides the interface and, like the American Amazon, can buy almost anything.
Due to the change in the business model, retailers from other countries will be able to offer their products on the AliExpress platform all over the world from this year. First, representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises from four countries, Russia, Turkey, Italy and Spain, were able to register and start selling their products. For the rest of the year, additional countries can join them.
AliExpress’s earnings rose by 94 percent in the 2018 business year, making it one of the fastest growing branches.

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