You have one of the directors of the new Lord of the Rings series

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J. A. Bayona can organize the first two episodes of the Amazon’s Lord of the Rings, which will definitely be a TV story, certainly because of its price, as the 2021 production will probably be the most expensive TV series of all time. Whether Amazon’s response to the Thrones struggle to a high enough standard, depends largely on Bayonan, who, along with Belén Atieza, will be responsible for the overall appearance, visual world and concept of the entire series.

J.R.R. Tolkien has created one of the most exceptional and inspiring stories of all time, and it is a great honor for me, who has been a great fan of my entire life, to join this team. I can’t wait to bring the world viewers back to the Middle Ages to discover the miracles of the Second in a never seen story


The previous order of Juan Antonio Bayona was Jurassic World: It was a fallen empire, which promises not much good at first hearing, at least in our criticism that such sequels would die more quickly. But the Spanish director had a better job before, for example, the 2007 Orphanage Thriller was liked by spectators and critics alike.

The scriptwriter team is known as Gennifer Hutchinson (Breaking Bad) and Bryan Cogman.

Of course, fans would be most interested in the story, but we don’t know much about it yet. Fortunately, it will not happen during the Great Ring War, ie it will not be a precedent in the strict sense of the word;

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