Sala may have been poisoned before her plane crashed

Deposit of wreaths and flowers in memory of Emiliano Sala, in front of the Beaujoire Stadium in Nantes. Photos taken on January 31, 2019, the day after the discovery on a Calvados beach of debris from the plane carrying the Argentine player and the match FC Nantes-AS Saint-Etienne during which his former teammates and supporters returned him a last tribute. (Photo by Estelle Ruiz/NurPhoto)

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More details have emerged of the tragic plane crash of Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala earlier this year, the BBC reported.

On January 21, after being briefed by FC Nantes, Sala took a private jet to Cardiff when the plane crashed into the English Channel for unknown reasons. The striker’s body was only found on February 7, and the body of the driver, David Ibbotson, has not been found to this day.

Toxicological studies on Salan have shown that the level of carboxyhaemoglobin saturation in the body was so high that it could cause not only nausea and loss of consciousness, but also heart attack, according to the AAIB report.

The deceased player’s family still wants to explain why the accident happened. The introduction of carbon monoxide into the cockpit of a Piper Malibu aircraft raises the possibility of a gas leaking into the passenger compartment due to poor sealing or failure of the heating and ventilation system. However, airplanes carry a number of devices that can alert the pilot to imminent danger. According to family lawyers, a detailed technical inspection of the aircraft will be required to fully understand what has happened.

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