Met 2019: Crazy Katy Perry dressed as a chandelier?

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There are red-eye events such as the Oscar Gala, when celebrities dress up nicely, where there is no place for singing, and then there are musical awards where you can go and there are no rules, borders, more noticeable and bizarre a compilation, the better. Such is the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York, the Met’s annual charity fashion show. Here are some examples of the 2019 event before we go into the details.

Jared Leto appeared with his head in his hand.
Ezra Miller hiding behind a mask to show her seven-point makeup.
Katy Perry dressed in a chandelier. No, it’s not like that, it was a chandelier.
Billy Porter was carried by muscular men to showcase the ancient Egyptian world with its wings.
Lady Gaga showed a complete strip show on arrival.

The gala, which is considered to be the world’s most important divert event, is always held on the first Monday of May at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is exactly what he was doing in 1946, when Eleanor Lambert brought the first such event under a fashion journalist: it is a charity gala to support the museum’s fashion institute. The guest list changes every year, and the organizers are the most famous, famous, and most famous players in the music, film and fashion world, and of course there are those who have rented space. There is no dress code, but there is a specific theme, even the current exhibition of the fashion institute.

The theme this year was nothing but camp, more specifically Susan Sontag’s American writer and philosopher’s essay on Notes on Camp 1964. What the camp is not easy to define, Sontag summarized the point in a 58-point list, for example, in the last place: “It is so bad that it is good”. Man can unintentionally think of the kitsch, or the chick, but the camp is not at all equivalent to these words. The camp is somewhere between high and mass culture, a blend of the two worlds, loves everything that is exaggerated, artificial, or unnatural, while not turning your back to seriousness, just reinterpreting our relationship. Camp puts everything in quotation marks, things aren’t usually what they look like.

According to Sontag, it is necessary to distinguish between naive campet and intentional campet. If we want to translate this into the fashion language, then the first one is the beautiful, but for the outside viewer, the haute couture dresses, and the latter are the collections that are cheerful because their designers wanted to create them exactly. For example, Gucci is a master of this genre. Otherwise, Jared Leto is the brand’s advertising stack, who probably borrowed the idea to arrive at the event with his own head, as in February 2018, the models were on the runway at Gucci’s show.

It is important to state that the camp has not been invented by Sontag, but has become known worldwide. His roots have to be found somewhere in the French Rococo, one of the golden ages of decadence, but he is well-advised by who Andy Warhol joins the camp. In the middle of the 20th century, the warm and queer communities were the real pioneers, the style is intertwined with the concept of drag culture, the transvestite performing arts. Sontag himself also thinks that androgynism is a very important element of the camp, and we admit that gender, or the topic of social gender, has never been so uplifted as it is today.

Andrew Bolton, curator of the Met Camp: Notes on Fashion exhibition, said before the gala expects that many women will surely come in some masculine attire and vice versa. And looking at the pictures, he was right. By the way, Bolton has been flirting with this topic since 2017, but he thought he waited for us to go socially and politically to the wall, because this trend can be very good in the extreme, and yes, by 2019 we finally got here, Donald Trump, for example, embodied political camp.

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