Mexico is ready for further talks with Washington on illegal immigration and asylum

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Mexico is ready to start another round of talks with illegal immigrants and asylum applications in Washington, ”said Marcelo Ebrard, Foreign Minister on Monday, according to US Fox television reports.

The head of Mexican diplomacy said that his country, during talks with Washington last week, still refused to apply for asylum in Mexico for illegal migrants on its territory and to the United States, but is willing to review this position.
According to a Mexican politician, new talks may take place in 45 days, because by then adequate experience will be gathered on the settlement of the migrant issue. According to Fox television’s Monday reports, Mexico has begun to deploy policing forces and the National Guard across the country to reduce migratory flows and to address the situation of illegal immigrants already in the country, but mainly in areas bordering Guatemala.
The United States and Mexico last week agreed that Mexico City would take measures to curb migratory floods, and Washington, in turn, withdrew its plan to introduce criminal charges on Mexican goods. The agreement was announced on Friday night by US President Donald Trump in a Twitter post. Ebrard, the chief negotiator of the Mexican party at the talks, announced on Saturday at the Tijuana city on the American border that Mexico had been “unharmed” from the talks.
However, the details of the agreement were not made public by either party, and the US President, according to The New York Times Monday, is not going to disclose them in the near future. Donald Trump announced Monday on one of his Twitter posts on Monday: as soon as the agreement was ratified by the Mexican parliament, the American party would also disclose it. Trump considered it important to mention that the final “finishing touches” in the convention were carried out according to the expectations of the American party. At the same time, the President noted that if, for some reason, the document had not been ratified in Mexico, then Washington would immediately introduce the prospective criminal duties.
The US President also addressed the issue of an agreement with Mexico in his Monday telephone interview with CNBC. “The United States will be a great partner for Mexico because they are now honoring us,” he said.

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