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The dark circles and bags that appear under the eye mean most people have fatigue, lack of sleep, but many see it as a sign of a disease. No one wants to see such things in the mirror under his eyes, and the beauty industry is the best one because some people are able to sacrifice a lot of money to not believe that they have long lasted the night before. But dark circles can cause a lot of things,

The dark hoop or bag-eye is not the official name, but next time you want to name it exactly, the periorbital hyperpigmentation is the right term for it, and it’s good to know that dermatologists do not have the highest priority to research this. Most of them consider it aesthetic problem rather than a serious health problem, so there is little research on solutions.

The age is also
It should be known that the skin is very thin under the eye, so that the blood vessels or muscles behind it can cause the area under the eyes to appear darker. That’s what Hayley Goldbach, a UCLA dermatologist professor, told the BBC. When someone is looking for the eyes of a cartoon and a bag, he likes to look better at the skin, because the shadow may fall on it, perhaps darker pigments may be found around the eye, or blood vessels run in that area, and that too there may be a problem with skin elasticity.

There is a small bend between the eye, the nose and the nose, which directs the tears to the edge of the face. As the man ages, the change in the tissues will change this bend as well, it becomes more drastic, and as an optical illusion, the skin appears darker as it backs the light.

But it is possible to determine from the color of the circles what is in the background, because if it has purple, pink and blue hues, the blood vessels are more responsible if they are brownish, then the extra pigments. As the age progresses, the subcutaneous, so-called subcutaneous fat layer decreases, so purple circles appear. Other research points out the opposite of this, they think the fat layer is growing, or at least it is transforming, and the bags are formed. Again, gravitational forces are also considered by others. This, as it affects everything on the skin, which, in general, stretches with aging, the muscles no longer hold, and collagen is reduced, making the layer under the eyes thinner, and the elongated skin start to bag.

But what if sometimes the rings and bags appear?
Edema or swelling may be in the back of the bag, says Goldbach. It is quite natural that after the awakening, the eyes are more bloated, but the bags can also be the results of the salty meal eaten for dinner, even though the sleep itself was relaxing and not feeling tired. And it also plays a role in simply inheriting genes that are prone to circles and bags, that is, it is worth checking out parents if their eyes are bagged, it is better to get used to the sight or start collecting plastic interventions.

It is probably not surprising that if you hear that UV radiation, stress and smoking can contribute to the formation of a circular eye and bags, it is much more that a 2016 study has shown that no one has been scientifically neither has it proved. There are many more notes that allergies can rub their eyes a lot because of irritation, and this can cause swelling or purple discoloration, or even when sleeping on too flat a pillow.

Moreover, this research also explains that there is too little research on how to eliminate them. The creams either try to hide or whiten the area under the eyes. There are people who offer acid treatment, who would fill the area with collagen so that thin skin under the veins do not get through. Some of the plastic surgeons recommend liposuction and botox, and there are people who think that the best solution is sunglasses and sunglasses.

Simpler and cheaper solutions
Many find it effective – and not as drastic as injecting nerve into the eye area – for cucumber slices and tea bags. At the same time, it has not been scientifically proven that, for example, any component of caffeine or cucumber in the tea filter would affect bags or rings. Melanie Grossmann, a dermatologist, advises that the process can be delayed by a balanced meal, enough sleep and exercise. Although these are often suggested for virtually anything, it is a fact that none of them is harming the organization.

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