Mike Pompeo: Talks with Taliban in Afghanistan “dead now”

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Talks with Taliban in Afghanistan “are dead now,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a television interview on Sunday, in another interview that US President Donald Trump had talked to Taliban spokesman in Camp David.

The head of US diplomacy on Fox television, announcing the end of peace talks, said the Taliban were trying to improve their negotiating position through terrorism.
He added that anyone who monitors President Donald Trump’s activities may be aware that when a party engages in a negotiation that promises mutually beneficial results, the president will not accept it. Pompeo targeted the deaths of 12 Taliban-related casualties, including the death of an American soldier.
“We do not just want words on paper, but a real and real commitment, and the Taliban have now shown that they do not want or cannot live up to their pledge to reduce violence,” the US Secretary of State said.
Asked by Fox TV presenter whether the talks were suspended indefinitely, Pompeo said “I hope the talks can resume.” He added that the resumption of talks would depend on the Taliban. “They now have to prove that they are ready to put into practice what we are asking them to do in the negotiations,” he said.
Pompeo, in CBS’s usual Sunday political vitamin row, stressed that the US government would continue to exert military pressure on the Taliban to negotiate.
In a CNN television show, he defended Trump’s decision to secretly receive a Taliban representative at Camp David. As he put it, the government has a duty to do its utmost to succeed. He personally fully supported the negotiations at Camp David, he said.
And on NBC television, the Secretary of State recalled that Camp David in Maryland, the country residence of the current American presidents, had always been the scene of peace talks in the background.

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