Now heroes, but one will be very sad

08 May 2019, Netherlands, Amsterdam: Football, Champions League, knockout round, semi-final, return leg Ajax Amsterdam - Tottenham Hotspur, in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Coach Mauricio Pochettino (2nd from left) from Tottenham cheers with his player Ben Davies (M) about the victory. Photo: Marius Becker/dpa

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Perhaps that turn has never been in the Champions League. The Barca and Ajax drivers would have liked to save this, but Liverpool and Tottenham, who wrote the finals in the finals, made this tournament memorable forever.
First, look at the important facts:

After 2008, two English teams returned to the Champions League final. This is the seventh time that two nations are playing with each other.
This season, Klopp has beaten Pochettino twice in the championship (twice to 2-1) and is ready for the third finals of the German coach, but he has lost both.
There are also two English clubs in the European League (Chelsea and Arsenal), which represent the dominance of English football.
Liverpool sixth, Tottenham will first win the BL trophy this year in Madrid final.
After last year’s lost final, Pool can fix it right away. That’s what Bayern did most recently (2012 and 2013).
After the 2010 finals, two teammates will play the finals again, which means they will be reassured, and it is very difficult to play in a balanced way.
It is rumored that there has never been an entry on the black market as it will be now, because all Tottenham players would like to be there at the biggest finale of the club so far.
There was a very different mood in Liverpool and Amsterdam at the two semifinals of the Champions League. The images of the Liverpool ecstasy were replaced by a shocked silence on Wednesday night, the sight of the expanding players, and in the 96th minute, Moura’s quick shot dropped the 50,000 Dutchmen gathered in the stadium who wanted to celebrate the rejuvenation of Ajax after 23 years.

It didn’t.

After Liverpool, Tottenham also scored a second half in a losing, hopelessly looking position, where he scored three goals. The Spurs Brazilian striker Lucas Moura alone scored these three goals. The Londoners never drove in the whole fight, at best.

Something good for this series should be worried about this series, but in fact they do not return the magic of football. Because the game is good, good, revolutionary, but we knew it so far, but in a few days it would be such a big turn. The destroyed Liverpool rose after six days. Tottenham was still waiting, just coming after the break.


and still getting into the top two teams, but think about what kind of discussions will be here, what kind of lineup should the two teams be sent to the track on June 1st. And how many interpretations will there be on June 2, who should have played?

For sure, if Szalah and Firmino build up, Origi and Wijnaldum, who doubled against Barcelona, ​​would have a good chance of getting on the bench, and we wouldn’t want to bet on Moura’s play. Although Kane and he were still playing together in the season.

After a sensational victory, Klopp talked about a mental monster in which there is truth because Wijnaldum and Origi knew there was a great chance of his life. But with this chance, the coach has a great role to play, because he has managed to convince them that there is really no return here: heroes, legends.

Whoever has been to Liverpool and not the club’s sympathizer, also feels that something is coming out of the stadium bricks there. I was surprised that the blinds were going to match because they wanted to hear the rumble, feel the resonance of the concrete, and want to give them the decibels.


They love football in Naples and Istanbul, but in Liverpool somehow expect the greatest devotion. Never giving up is a simple basic and almost commonplace.

When Dortmund drove 2-0 to Anfield after the first ten minutes of the European League three years ago, it was felt that the game was not over. In that atmosphere, it is almost impossible to play badly and supporters can improve their team’s play by 20-30 percent with their volume. You can’t get tired in that atmosphere, so much adrenaline is over. Robertson, who has recently been transferred from Hull City, who is not a juggler, suddenly turns into a match in such a mood. Wijnaldum from Newcastle has never experienced such a backdrop, although the drukers there are also fanatical.

As Barcelona began to shrink – this is not an example, the Catalans in Rome and Paris have already collapsed – Liverpool has become more confident. On the other side, Valverde cannot prepare his players for how to play from the advantage. Carlo Ancelotti had to feel this, but only after the Depor and Liverpool failed to benefit.

And Pochettino, who is very sensitive to something, has a break:

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